Showcasing the best in freeform radio.

Launched in 2018, Freeform Radio Directory (formerly Underground Radio Directory) aims to bring together the best in underground net radio stations from across the globe.

FRD collates all the stations into one listenable place allowing you to discover new stations, listen to your favourites and explore the world of freeform internet radio.

What is Freeform Radio

Freeform is a radio station programming format in which the presenter is given total control over the content of their show, regardless of music genre or commercial interests. Freeform radio stands in contrast to most commercial radio stations, in which DJs have little or no influence over programming structure or playlists.

What is Radio

The term radio gets batted around a lot these days, from platforms using a Spotify playlist to YouTube channels. This directory is a collection of radio station that are true to the original format.

Is this directory curated?

Yes this directory is curated. All stations added undergo a thorough check to ensure they meet the following guidelines:

  • They are a radio station.
  • They are freeform in their programming.
  • They actively engage in their local community.
  • They broadcast regularly, ideally at least once a week.
  • They broadcast high quality content.

If you know of any stations that are missing from the directory pleasesubmit.