Born in one of the most challenging times for our scene and raised on the idea of providing for the community, Amok radio is a non-commercial music platform with the tendency of promoting quality music and discussions from all over the world. At Amok radio, acclaimed local and international artists, musicians and DJ’s, as well as music enthusiasts and upcoming talent freely engage and complement each other in what is believed to be a safe zone.

Besides the radio, functioning within the four walls of the studio is Wax Revival Store - the only record shop in Macedonia focusing on dance music – with their first ever physical store. Amok radio has been operating from “Park SF” in Skopje since January 2021 and is a result of a natural fuse between two of the most established party crews in the country, Oubli and Skopski Groove as well as Wax Revival Store and L'angolo Di Caffe