Non-profit organization that works as a group to carry out, as well as the dissemination of content, events related to the audiovisual world. Designed as a meeting point and space for coexistence for creators from different sectors, they seek to weave a community made up of active people and with concerns, with emphasis on the local level.

Since the beginning of their activity in Barcelona in March 2015, they have done more than 65 broadcasts for the city, collaborating with spaces, organizations and festivals such as CCCB, MACBA, HUB, Convent de Sant Agustí, Arts Santa Mónica, Zumzeig, Flea Market Bcn, Abaceria Market, L'Alternativa, FAD, MUTEK, Sâlmon Festival, LiveSoundtracks, Ameba Barcelona, ​​tupper, Indepedent Label Market, Fun Fan Fest, Palo Alto Market, Miscelanea, etc.