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The longest-running grime crew in Scotland, Glasgow’s Levels was formed in 2005 by Gallus One, Rustie, and Taz Buckfaster. The latter two left to release music on labels like Warp and Numbers, but Gallus One continued, setting up the station LVLZ Radio. It’s here that the crew’s newer MCs (such as 2T, A.D.Y, A-Macc, Chrissy Grimez and Skola) first showcase their work, joining original MCs Hendy and Philly Bluntz. Producers Polonis and Rapture 4D joined in 2015. Gallus One sees the strength of the crew being that they have “older guys” amongst their ranks who’ve seen, and learnt from, the mistakes that have been made in the grime scene in the past. “We realised that if you don’t get that beat out to that DJ and just vegetate, nothing’s gonna happen – you have to make it happen,” he says. The station was active from 2015-16 and then on/off up until now.